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What are we looking to do with Kinfolk?

With generous support from The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, we will be scaling up our archive nationally. We are aiming to build 100 monuments and create a community impact plan where we throw events in 10 cities across the country to spread awareness about our Kinfolk platform. Our goal is to turn Kinfolk into a next-generation community archive built for Black, Brown, Indigenous, and LGBTQIA++ communities. We will be adding a geolocation feature to the app and commission work from high-profile artists to feature as signature monuments on our app.

What is Kinfolk?

The vast majority of monuments and historical narratives in the U.S. uplift a euro-centric version of history. The Kinfolk mobile app serves as an interactive archive for underrepresented historical narratives. It features a catalog of augmented reality-enabled monuments depicting women, people of color, and LGBTQIA+ icons. We believe that the key to our society’s preparedness for meaningful steps towards racial equity lies in the undoing of the centuries-long dehumanization process at the core of our country’s collective narratives.

How it works

1. Choose a Monument

Browse through our monuments and choose a few to learn about!

2. Place Monument

You can place any monument in your environment and make it as big as small as you like.

3. Listen to Narrated Bios

Each of our monuments come with biographies that you can listen to.

4. Explore the Archive

Deep dive into our archive of historical materials that relate to each monument.

Help us scale Kinfolk!

We are currently looking for thought leaders, community partners, and educators to collaborate with on our national Kinfolk plan over the next two years. If your core values align with our mission to catalyze change and movement toward racial equity and you would like to get involved, please fill out the form below. We look forward to hearing from you!


Partner with us to throw a Kinfolk event in your city!


Reach out if you would like to create curriculum or teach Kinfolk in your class


We are accepting donations to help us bring Kinfolk to communities across the country